Macomb County Warming Center
... and Ray of Hope Day Center

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Our Peer Support groups are expanding!
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Art Van Elslander

Black or dark blue Sharpies or Markers
Boots – winter or work boots
Bus tickets
Church or building space for one shelter week 
Copy Paper
File Folders - plain and colored
Fast Food Gift Cards
  (McDonalds, Taco Bell, Burger King, Subway, etc.)
Gas vouchers from gas station and gas station with store
Hi-Liters – any colors
Hold a Casual Day at work for the
  benefit of The Warming Center
Letters of Support 
Local Businesses – gift cards or other prizes for our
  annual dinner and fall Irishfest events.
Name tags – peel and stick type (red or blue border) 
Paper bowls suitable for holding hot soup
Paper Plates
Paper Towels
Plastic Bags:
   * 33 gallon clear plastic bags (200 for $21.79 at Costco)
   * 13 gallon tie string bags (200 for $13.89 at Costco)
   * 55 gallon black drum liners (50 for $12.99 at Costco)
Plastic Tableware
Post-it Notes
Postage Stamps
Styrofoam Cups 10 oz or 12 oz
Toilet Paper
Used Cars – donate to Charity Motors in our name: Macomb County     Warming Center.  Call 888-908-CARS or go to      (see blue box below)
Underwear – new in package (men’s and women’s)
Printer cartridges:  
  *HP 61XL Black & Tri Color
   *Canon 240 XL and 241 XL 
  Snacks -- non-perishable pocket size, such as crackers & cheese, cookies, etc.
  Donuts (Please no bagels or other hard breads)

Our address is:

14933 Nine Mile Road
Eastpointe, MI 48021
Phone: 586-321-0998


Monday -Friday 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

If those times are not convenient, please call and we will arrange to either pick up or arrange another day or time.  

Visit our 
Charity Motors Will Help the Warming Center

If you have an unwanted vehicle, Charity Motors will pick it up for free - whether it runs or not - give you a tax receipt for the full fair market value of your vehicle, and give the proceeds to the charity of your choice.  We are listed with them - just specify that you want the proceeds to go to the Macomb County Warming Center (you need to use our full name).  They will also take boats, motorcycles, and more.

This is a great program and has given us very good benefits in the past.  See or call 800-908-CARS (2277).
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We've Moved

Our new street address is: 

14933 Nine Mile Rd.
Eastpointe, MI 48021

Thank you, ​Art Van !

Updated page:  

In the media
MCWC and Ray of Hope Served Hundreds 
​During Shelter Season and Early 2013

561 homeless guests were sheltered and fed this season from late November through the first week of April.  Most stayed in the shelter for many nights.  We had a total of 9,281 shelter nights, which translates into 1 guest per night times the number of nights he or she stayed.  We were blessed with a total of 1,497 volunteers at the 18 churches who offered a total of 19 weeks of shelter.

During the first 3 months of 2013, The Ray of Hope served 105 individuals; 53% of these were also our shelter guests.  Services included helping them obtain state IDs, prescriptions, medical and mental health services, and, of course, entrance into our Re-Housing program.

The Re-Housing program is a great opportunity for many, but some do not qualify and some who do lack the skills to maintain their housing.  This is a great program and eventually will put many into housing, especially with future increased staff and life skills coaching.  But there is an ongoing need for shelters for those who are chronically homeless, many through no fault of their own.  We are hopeful that increased funds become available for sheltering so that we can add shelter weeks, thereby assisting those we see daily who are in extreme need.
What Do Your Donations Accomplish?

​Here are just a few things that your donations provide:

$8.00 covers bus transportation for a job search for one Ray of Hope guest for 2 days.

$10.00 pays for a state ID card that allows a Ray of Hope homeless person to apply for benefits like a bridge card (food card), a free cell phone and a birth certificate needed for those in the housing program to obtain housing in most apartment complexes.

$20.00 will provide one week of bus transportation for one shelter guest.  

$25.00 covers providing a Ray of Hope guest ½ hour of service to update a resume

$50.00 covers one hour for assistance with phone calls and advocacy to enter a guest into mental health or substance abuse treatment.  

$72.90 will provide one night of shelter and meals for 5 shelter guests.

A New Project and Volunteer Opportunity!

We need volunteers for our new "Community Resource Cards" project to distribute laminated 4 x 6 cards to police departments, city halls, and convenience stores in your neighborhood.  You pick the day(s) and number of cards you would like to distribute.  This project will help the homeless and the places they often come with questions that are answered on the resource cards.  

For details, email

Thank you to all our supporters.  
We couldn't do it without you.
Shelter Season So Far

As of March 15, 2014, a total of 593 guests were hosted with the help of 1,251 volunteers.

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8th Annual Spring for the Homeless
May 2, 2014
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