Macomb County Warming Center

Here are two blankets and a pillow...  

Get something to eat, then stake your spot in the sleeping area.  
You'll be warm, well fed, and safe for the night.  

Consumed alcohol earlier today?  Afraid you won't be able to pass the breathalyzer test required at most of the other shelters?  Relax.  While we certainly don't encourage it, we won't let you freeze to death for that behavior either.  

You must be 18 years of age or older, and then the main requirement for admittance:

Now relax and get some sleep.  There'll be coffee and a light breakfast in the morning. Tonight, you'll be okay.
Is your church or organization able to shelter 50 to 70 guests? 

Will you host the Warming Center just one week?  

We will provide you with the training and show you the ropes.  
You will need 15-20 people to operate for one week.  We can help fill in if needed. 
Your Name:
Your Church's Name:
Who should we contact?
E-mail or Phone:
Have you hosted Macomb County Warming Center in the past?
If yes:


Macomb County Warming Center
... and Ray of Hope Day Center