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This extended service of the Macomb County Warming Center provides resources that enable homeless adults to gain a foothold and return to society as productive, contributing individuals. To use our facilities, guests must be participating in activities designed to restore them to their place in productive society. Services include: 

  • Referrals to the appropriate agencies for resources that can help individuals break the desperate and ongoing cycle of homelessness. Representatives from these agencies are on site at specific dates and times.

  • Use of the Day Center address for mail to be delivered and secured until a guest is able to retrieve it. Homeless people need a stable mailing address to receive documents and official business communications.

  • Use of a telephone for official business. Guests can use the Day Center phone number when filling out job applications. Messages are taken five days a week, and guests may check messages during regular business hours. This is a critical service when guests are submitting job applications.

  • Assistance in filling out agency forms.

  • Assistance in obtaining valid State of Michigan identification and birth certificates. These documents are necessary to obtain housing, employment and/or job training.

  • On-site pastoral and spiritual counseling from local clergy.

  • Assistance with transportation. Bus tickets are issued for legitimate needs, such as job interviews and medical appointments further than two miles away.

  • Assistance with medical, dental, and mental health services.

  • Assistance finding employment and job training.

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